Coast Restaurant

Coast Restaurant
“Eynon’s of St Clears are one of my key suppliers here at Coast Restaurant. They have supplied us with best quality fresh meat since day one. Not only is the meat they supply top quality but the level of service they offer is first class. There have been occasions when Eynon’s have got us out of a tight spot with an extra delivery and there have been instances when Eynon’s have gone the extra distance with a strange request from us – whether it’s been an unusual cut of meat or a special specification or preparation we have required. The consistency Eynon’s achieve when volume is increased is second to none. We have a fantastic professional working relationship with Eynon’s and I can honestly say the restaurant wouldn’t be operating at the level it is without suppliers like Eynon’s – you need grade A produce to create grade A dishes. It is a pleasure to work with butchers with such amazing attention to detail, knowledge, passion, values and the desire to deliver quality every time. Not forgetting the extra large marrow bones Eynon’s send to keep the chef’s dog happy!” 

Will Holland
Head Chef
Coast Restaurant

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