Himalayan Salt-Aged Beef
Meat is what we do, and have always done

Himalayan Salt-aged Beef from Eynon’s of St Clears

For dry-ageing premium beef and meat nothing looks more amazing or performs better than our iconic Himalayan Salt Chamber

Our Himalayan Salt Wall is essential for ageing fine beef to create tenderness and delicious nutty flavours that grow in complexity over time.

Himalayan Salt-aged Beef from Eynon’s of St Clears

Salt’s unique preservative characteristic comes from its unique molecular structure composed of concentrated, dynamically charged atoms that penetrate the meat and other foods to extract moisture and limit the growth of microbes that cause the meat to spoil.

While moisture is drawn out of the meat salt particles simultaneously travel into the meat, encouraging good bacteria to create flavour. This slow process is called osmosis and it transforms the quality of the meat.

Enzymes within the meat break down natural sugars, releasing lactic or acetic acid that breaks down proteins and fats into smaller molecules that gradually produce a spectrum of tasty compounds.

Salt also improves the texture and appearance of meat by relaxing protein strands within muscle cells. This creates tenderness and enhances the appearance of the meat.

“The finest meat, aged to perfection. Meat is what we do; it's what we've always done for five generations. Specifically, meat that's been sourced with care, then aged to perfection”

We achieve the quality of beef that we and our customers demand through a combination of fastidious sourcing from our key suppliers, painstaking attention to detail at every stage of the process, and years of combined experience.


Himalayan Salt Wall

All cattle that are sourced from our supplier are born and raised on farm assured farms and are transported by farm assured hauliers. They work closely with all of their farmers, most of whom they've known for a long time, so they know exactly where the cattle come from, and that they have been well cared for. We source selected cuts of Welsh beef from our supplier and work closely with their procurement team that will select cattle which are finished to our optimum specification.

Eynon's Salt-aged beef has a special tenderness and depth of flavour that is hard to match. Our exclusive Welsh beef has been aged in our authentic Himalayan salt chamber, built from more than 400 hand cut bricks of salt, which purifies the air and concentrates the flavour of the meat to an intense degree. Our Salt-aged beef is dry aged for up to 40 days, the result is exceptional steaks and roasting joints that will provide an incomparable meal.

The process of Salt-aged Beef

Himalayan Salt-aged Beef from Eynon’s of St ClearsAll of our beef is extra aged in our Himalayan Salt Chamber. We use a 6ft wall of over 400 hand cut Himalayan rock salt bricks to salt age our beef.

The translucent salt blocks, which vary in colour from white to orange and a myriad of shades of pink, was imported from mines in the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan’s Punjab region.

Himalayan rock salt is exceptional in terms of purity and its flavour enhancing qualities, so our salt chamber creates the perfect environment for the ageing process.

Our selected cuts of Welsh Beef are aged over a period of 28-45 days, which concentrates the flavour of the meat, seals the natural juices, and purifies the air in the chamber. This producing a totally unique, sweet, flavoursome salt aged beef which produces an incomparable meal.

“Meat of remarkable taste and provenance Dry aged to perfection in our Himalayan Salt Chamber, then entrusted to some of South Wales' finest chefs”


Himalayan Salt-aged Beef from Eynon’s of St Clears

We believe our meat really is a cut above the rest, delivering excellence in product, flavour and texture. We achieve that through:

• Quality control standards that are second to none.
• Fastidious sourcing of the finest ingredients from our key suppliers.
• Attention to detail in everything we do, not least of all our unique ageing process.

It is also our unerring focus on the provenance of our meat that acts as a guarantee of quality.

How we work

The sort of meat that matches the exacting requirements of an Eynon's customer does not arrive by accident at the end of a production line. Instead, we hand-pick meat according to what they want and how they plan to use it.
They trust our knowledge and experience to know we will supply cuts that are matched to their specifications, while we know that the meat we have supplied is in good hands.

We believe in personal, not corporate relationships, and we know our clients by name. There will be no telesales calls from us; we know you will be in touch when you need to place another order.